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League Farm Battles

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1 League Farm Battles on Tue Jun 28, 2011 4:00 pm

On the World Map, there are farms where our League Host can choose to conquer. No divinity is used during this battle. If the farm selected isn’t taken, our league will fight the NPC legion; otherwise we will fight an opposing League. Battles are scheduled by the server; our host has no control over the time of the actual battle, as this is on a first-come, first-served basis. In order to participate in this battle, you must have been in this League for at least two days! This also includes any accidental resignations and transfers from another League.

In City View, when a League Farm Battle has been scheduled, you will see an icon either above or below the Special Activity icon. Click on the League Battle icon once, and you will see the assembly time with the season, year and server time. Server time for us is Eastern Standard Time (EST). This time is actually the beginning of our battle assembly. The actual battle will begin 20 minutes later. You will also see a battle “spam” in League Chat throughout that day.

Use this battle assembly time to your benefit. During this time you can use laurels to “inspire” your troops. The amount of laurels needed for each "inspiration" is 2x your Assembly Level (this will give you an idea of how many laurels to bank up). Please note: Inspiration is optional, you don't have to use it in order to participate. This inspiration (arm muscle icon) is by chance, so don’t be frustrated if you have several “fails” in a row. If we’re battling NPC, save your laurels. Successful inspiration will be given to your Attack (ATK), Defense (DEF), or one of four special battle enhancements. All icons for this battle are located directly above league chat. If you don’t know what an icon does, just hover your cursor over it.

Special battle enhancements are as follows:

(1) Bulwark - "decreases damage by 10%" (red text)
(2) Blitz - "increases enemy damage by 10%" (blue text)
(3) Abide: increases winning streak (blue text)
(4) Prolong: increases winning streak (red text)

Winning streaks are maxed or capped out at 4 (unless you receive the Abide or Prolong battle enhancements). The winning team will be able to harvest 7 times a day. Occupation of the farm is on a daily basis and is automatically released in Winter.

Lower level players may want to bank up laurels prior to this battle by completing the highest Legion battles. You will receive the highest amount for completion of those battles.

Win or lose, a contribution will be made on your behalf (whether you fight or not) to our League. These battles help our League, so maximum participation helps improve our ability to recruit more members. Remember to have fun and don’t hesitate to ask a question on League Chat.

Battle On Klamath! Blaktavio

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