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1 Questions & Answers on Sat Jun 25, 2011 7:02 pm

What's TL, ML, HL or GL?
Legion battles accessible after 90% completion of level they are on. The first one you'll be facing is TL, Troy Legion, on Troy War map.

What does faculty do?
Faculty is the amount of troops your heros take with them to battle.
To increase Faculty size:
+ Upgrade your hero level
+ Upgrade each equipment = enlarge faculty size little bit
+ Equip and upgrade Horns to each hero (level 21 minimum)
+ Upgrade Hornblowing in Academy

What about crops?
If you gotta buy, buy when price is low and sell when high. You might want to keep atleast 1000 crops at all times because crops are used to replenish your troops when you run out of volunteer quota.

How do I get a fourth hero/put a fourth hero in my formation?
To recruit a 4th hero, you must have the title of Citizen (M1). This will require 50 prestige and you must have chosen a faction. Once you aquire the prestige, and confirmed at your assembly that you have the title, you may need to refresh your browser for the recruit window to display the correct values.
In order to assign a 4th hero to your formation, the formation must be level 5. This can be done once your Academy reaches level 25.

How can I retain or recruit more heroes?
Lv 10 Academy and Lv 2 formation enable you to deploy 3 heroes.
Lv 25 Academy and Lv 5 formation enable you to deploy 4 heroes (100 Prestige are required
to recruit the fourth hero.).
Lv 50 Academy and Lv 10 formation enable you to deploy 5 heroes (15000 Prestige are
required to recruit the fifth hero.)
70000 Prestige enable you to recruit the sixth hero, and 190000 the seventh. (The Max.
number of heroes in the formation is still 5.)

What is PG?
It is the Psyche Gauge. The Psyche Gauge tells you how likely your enhancement is to succeed, and it changes throughout the day. From my charting for 5 days, the Psyche Gauge ranges from 21%-100%, and it climaxes every 3.5-5 hours. It is important to enhance your equipment when the Psyche Gauge is high, because you lose drachmas when the enhancement fails. Yes, a portion of it is returned to you, sometimes as much as 90%, but most of the time, a far lower percentage is returned to you (approx. 20%). So take advantage of a peak Psyche Gauge, then return 4 or 4.5 hours later and expect to get a reasonable success rate for enhancement.

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