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League Rules and Suggestions

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1 League Rules and Suggestions on Tue Jun 28, 2011 6:43 pm

I created this league to have fun and relax. That is the utmost thing I want for all of you. Real life is more important and will always be understood as such. As far as rules for the league...well I personally hate them, so I prefer suggestions to make things easier on you. It's up to you if you follow them or not.

1.We take care of our own, please try to help out fellow league members with questions, battles and colonizing whenever you can. I take notice of this and it helps me decide who to divvy out prizes to when the time comes. Remember that helping the lower level players rise up helps us become more powerful as a whole.
2.Try to contribute to League Tech daily. Unless I send out a mail specifying one, it is your choice.
3.Please try to say hi in league chat every now and then so we know your still active.
4.And remember to keep everything in faction and world chat clean, and friendly.
5.I regularly remove inactive players, so If your real life takes you away from the game for more than a couple days, please let me know so we don't worry about you or remove you from the league.
6. Please use the hoard list...this helps everyone and only hurts yourself if you don't. The taking of unhoarded farms and mines will not be tolerated. If you have an issue please see me and we will discuss it.
7. We try to colonize our own league mates and keep the money in our league, please ask for them to undeploy before taking them over if possible.
6.This is a game....try to remember that. Have fun and relax!!!

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