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Explanation of the Center's

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1 Explanation of the Center's on Wed Jun 29, 2011 4:09 am

In the level 100 there are 5 different types of City Centers, each is explained below. I will list them in order of importance, with the most important first.

Trade Centers: When you are located in these cities, you can invest for prosperity and occupation rate in any of the level 100 cities including the opposing factions. The obvious use of these cities is to use them control occupation rate in the opposing faction cities. Unless you are a God you shouldn't "park" in the Trade Center for very long. Just move in, do your investing and levying, then put up Cease Fire, and move out at first opportunity. This allows others to move in and do the same while not putting the Trade Center at risk of an Area Battle.

Military Centers: When located in these cities you will earn double rate gains for any successful attacks on the opposing factions. If we need to increase our FOR in an opposing faction city this is the place to move to, provided you can win your PvP's versus the opposing city. Again, because this is an important city we should rotate thru here, do our attacks, and rotate out to prevent us from facing an Area Battle and losing this city.

Political Centers: This city can never be lost and we will always maintain 100% rate here. For that reason it is never a bad idea to invest for prosperity and prestige here. Think of this city as a safe haven, you can move here and not be worried about costing the faction any rate loss should you get attacked and lose. Since it is a safe place, if we push the prosperity level up we can do levying here as well.

Cultural Centers: This city is open to any of the faction to move into regardless of who controls it. This is a good place to harass enemy gamers by colonizing them or taking there farms and mines. This also a city that we would be willing to give up in exchange for a more powerful city like a Trade Center.

Economic Centers: This city gives double rate gains when invested in it. This city should be difficult to lose since investing will allow us to gain back double rate. Again this is a city that can be used to trade for a better city.

Things to remember about the level 100 cities:

1. Relocation Cooldown is 3 hours when moving between level 100 cities, 24 hours if you just moved up from level a 80 city. And to take part in an Area Battle you must be located in the AB city more than 3 hours prior to the start time of the AB.

2. Try to maintain no more than 4 players in each city except our Political Center. If you will be the 5th player in a city then you shouldn't move there. We don't want to have to defend against an Area Battle, we would much rather be the aggressor and launch Area Battles instead when we are ready. If you need to move to a city that has 4 players, try to contact one of those players and politely ask them to move for you.

3. Due to all of the moving around in the level 100 cities, players should only take the farm/mine that corresponds to their city location and hoard it for maximum benefit. If you are able to take more than 1 farm/mine you should take one of the outer edge farms/mines and DO NOT hoard it. The reason not to hoard more than 1 farm/mine is so that if someone happens to move into that city location they will see you have their spot and not waste a div attacking a hoarded farm/mine that they might not win.

4. Try to coordinate refines in groups to maximize the benefits gained. And avoid the temptation to move to a city and become the 5th player, just because the price level is high. Ask someone to move out or wait til the price level goes up in your current area.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Smile

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