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Having a lot of trouble trying to pass Apollo...

Current team
Robin Hood (Lv.55)
Achilles (Lv.55) (will be replacing with Hermes eventually)
Odysseus (Lv.55) (looking to replace)
Siren (Lv.44 and gaining)
Hecate (Lv.41 and gaining)

All weapons: Green or Yellow
All armor: Green or Yellow
All steeds: Yellow
All cloaks: Green or Yellow
Horns and Books: White

Any advice?

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I know you are prolly past this but here is my advice. If you are in boars head line up your bugler in front of apollo. Place your strike in line character siren in the very back. hopefully you take out the one hero in the middle before sirens bm goes off but at the very least siren should get a couple shots off on the left wing(where he has 3 heroes) without leaving him exposed to those 3 heroes like he would be if you lined him up left to begin with. Another option would be to line up robinhood in front of apollo to keep his bm in check while you take out the rest of his army.

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