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Dancers & Buglers explained

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1 Dancers & Buglers explained on Sun Jun 26, 2011 11:39 am

Alright...I think dancers and buglers are not understood very well so I figured I would give my 2 cents in that regard.

Dancers have the ability to buff 1 BM hero's morale to 100. They can only buff 1 hero per round and they also have a chance at failing to buff altogether.

Buglers will buff every BM hero's morale by 34 points and also remove 5 points of morale from all enemy BM heroes. They will have a 100% success rate at buffing.

Since we want our BM hitters to have their morale up as often as possible we want to figure out how to best accomplish this using different combinations of a dancer and buglers. Also we want to try and get morale up as high as possible before our BM hitter attacks. Remember morale is a percentage of attack power for a BM hitter. If morale is at 150 then the BM hero will attack with an extra 50% damage. At 200 morale they have an extra 100% damage or double damage.

How to use dancer and buglers depends on how many BM heroes you have in your formation. And remember dancers and buglers take up spots that could be used for damage heroes. So you must make sure you use them to their maximum benefit.

Typically a formation with 1 BM hero will use at the very least a dancer and most often, as in the bomber setups, 2 or 3 additional buglers. Dancer placed first in the formation followed by the buglers and then the bomber.

A formation with 2 BM heroes can be setup in a couple different ways. You can use a dancer and 2 buglers or you can run 3 buglers, assuming you don't have any mechs or mages in formation as well.

If you use 3 BM heroes then you have 2 options again. You can choose 2 buglers, or a dancer and bugler.

So to determine which way is the best you must look at the math that occurs each round. I will tackle that in the next section.

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2 Re: Dancers & Buglers explained on Sun Jun 26, 2011 12:02 pm

Alright lets look at the math and how it works to get our BM heroes to their maximum morale.

For this example, lets assume we have a dancer and 2 buglers on the front line and 2 BM heroes in the back.

First round, our dancer buffs BM #1 to 100 morale, then the 2 buglers add 34 points to both of BM heroes. At this point BM #1 has 134 morale (assuming their are no morale reducing heroes on the enemy's side) and BM #2 has 34 points of morale. Now BM #1 attacks with his BM at 134% and BM #2 does a valor hit and increases his morale to 68 points (BM heroes gain 34 points morale whenever they hit with valor or receive valor damage).

Second round, we will assume our dancer fails and the 2 buglers add 34 points to both BM heroes. Now BM #1 is at 34 points and BM #2 is at 102 points. Next BM #1 attacks with valor and jumps up to 68 points and BM #2 attacks with his BM at 102%.

So after 2 rounds we have only managed to attack twice with BM attacks, once from each BM hero. Is this the best way? Well if we replace the dancer with a 3rd bugler we can have both BM heroes attack with BM every turn. So that would be 4 BM attacks in the first 2 rounds. Obviously this is better for us. But...there is an even better way.

What happens if we move our BM heroes to the front lines? Well...the first round they will both do valor attacks and have 34 points morale, but they will also take valor hits and increase morale by another 34 points (assuming the enemy isn't a bomber and actually has some heroes doing valor damage). So now they have 68 points morale and now 3 buglers will add another 102 points of morale putting them at 170 points. And if they happen to get hit by additional enemies then it will just continue to increase their morale. Now the second round they will use their BM attacks with a minimum of 170% attack power and potentially a lot more. So we lost our first round of BM damage, but we gained a lot of BM damage in the second round.

Hopefully this gives you an idea of how dancers and buglers work and how we can use them to our advantage. If you have any questions just post them below and I will do my best to answer them. Smile

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are they better or the same or worse??

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