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Summing Up the Basics

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1 Summing Up the Basics on Sat Jun 25, 2011 6:11 pm

Hero Stats
When you look at a hero there are three stats you see, Valor, Sprit, and Element.
This is what they mean:
Normal attacks cause Valor damage
It affects both the damage dealt and the damage taken from regular attacks.
Battle Magic (B.M.) attacks cause Spirit damage.
No BM does anything but spirit damage unless it is stated in the description. It also affects the damage you take from BM. A Bm is used when the morale of a hero reaches 100. It increases by 1/3 each hit you deal/take. The way to fill a hero's morale is from it hitting or getting hit, it takes from 3-5 hits for the morale to get full you can tell your morale/battle magic is going to take into affect when you see a slight flame in between the troops.
Element attack [by Mages]affects the damage you give and receive from elemental attacks. It also affects the amount healed by healers such as Asclepius. Healers and mages use the magic books and need high level good magic books to be extremely effective. No equipment gives element shield.

Troop Type
There are 5 Groups of troops.
Each group has a specialization. They are:
Archers- Critical Strike These units fire from range. As such they do not take back damage when blocked by another units. They are also BM based having high damage dealing BM's (Soul Taking Arrows etc.) If you are looking for a High damage Spirit User archers are your best bet.
Infantry- Block When Infantry block they return damage equal to a regular attack of their (using their Valor and weapons not the enemies). They cannot block BM's. Infantry also have naturally high defense. They are also the only units to have abilities such as Rally. They make excellent tanks.
Calvary- Dodge While dodging does not deal any return damage. Dodging has the added bonus that you are able to dodge BM's. They have weaker than average defense but a greater attack because of it. They are the only unit to have such BM's as Armored Charge Attack.
Machines- Valor Machine specialize in Valor by which I mean they have high attack or defense. A machine with the same weapon will always deal more damage than any of the above troops (exception is the armor chariot). Most Offensive machines have a secondary specialization of Critical Strike. However they are also blocked/dodged more often than other units, and have low defense.
Mages- Element Mages are unique. They have high elemental damage/resistance. As such they can be devastating to the earlier troop types as they have little to no elemental resistance. However all mages have a single flaw in common, they are all weak to BM damage. Getting a good spirit shield on these guys is crucial as it will win you battles.

This what equipment does for your hero:
Weapons: Increases your normal attacks, what is used when you do not have 100 morale.
Mount: Increases your BM attacks, what is used when you have 100+ morale.
Books: Increases you magic user's attacks, those heroes that don't have a BM listed when you look at their profile.
Armor: Protects against regular hits, what is used when they aren't cloaked and waving their hands to make sparkles or have <100 morale.
Cloak: Protects against battle magic, what is used when morale is 100+. Looks like a firey arrow head shot into the target.

Again, Nothing protects against elemental attacks.

This is what the technology upgrades affect:

Blacksmithing: Tech version of a weapon.
Armorforging: Tech version of armor.
Magic Penetration: Tech version of a mount.
Magic Resistance: Tech version of a cloak.
Elemental Penetration: Tech version of a book.
Elemental Resistance: The only thing that protects against elemental attacks.

Tip: Every Hero should have armor and a cloak on. All heros that battle need weapons and mounts. Healers need magic books. It isn't necessary to enhance a healer's weapon as they do not use them, but you can always use that spot if your chest is full. A healer's book is her power, so enhance it extensively and the cloak is her only defense against BM in battle so make sure it is a high level too.

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