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Why your Assembly is so important

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1 Why your Assembly is so important on Tue Jun 28, 2011 4:24 pm

The Assembly - This building limits the cap of your other buildings as well as your heroes. Increasing it increases your visual level to all other players. It also affects these other elements.

1) Laurels gained by expeditions - The greater the level difference between your assembly and the level of the monster you are fight determines the amount of laurels received from the mob. This difference seems to cap out at about 15 levels between you and the mob any more than that and the laurel amount will not change in either direction.
2) Laurels require for fast tracking - Increasing the assembly level increases the amount of laurels you must spend to fast track your heroes. At level 1-10 is increases about 2-4 laurels each level. By level 60+ its increasing 8-10 laurels each level.
3) Laurels Required for Inspiration - The Laurels required for inspiration during battles is equal to your Assembly Level * 2
4)Laurels Required for Promotion - These increase as your assembly level does. The progression is similar to that of fast track laurels except *10.
5) Prestige acquired from investing - The Prestige you receive from investing is equal to the prosperity you invest * 2 * your assembly level.
6) Prestige from PvP - Similar to laurels from inspiration the greater the difference between the levels of you and your opponent the more/less prestige you will acquire. Again this amount seems to cap out at a 15 level difference (not sure on this one might be 20)
7) Silver From Silver Mine Wrestle - The Silver you receive from each mine in the silver mine wrestle is equal to Assembly Level * 150 * the percent of the mine you are on.
8.) Grain you receive from league Farms - The grain you receive from each league farm take is equal to Yield * (Assembly Level/5) (not sure how its rounded but i think its rounded down)
9) Drachmas you receive from events - Increases as your Assembly Level Increases (not sure of the math yet)
10) Contribution to League - The amount you can contribute to the league each day Assembly Level *200
11) Contribution received from League Battles - If you do not fight you receive Assembly level * 200 if you league wins or 100 if your league does not. For each battle you fight and win you receive and additional Assembly Level *100
12) Prestige received From Area Battles - Same figures as League battles except the multipliers are * 5 if you lose and * 10 if you win.
13) Laurels Received from Daily Quest - These also increase as your Assembly level increases. The Laurels you receive are equal to the (Difficulty of quest * 2 +2) * Assembly Level
14) Laurels Required to Wash a Hero - Assembly Level *4
15) The level of equipment you can buy in the VIP Shop (thats right its not based of your shop level)
16) Grain cost per 1000 troops is equal to Assembly level *3
17) Amount of drachmas return from failed enhancements is equal to 100 - (Assembly level *.8 ) %

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